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(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Ok back to blogging, A lot of things has happened on and off the tables so haven’t had the motivation to update. In fact I was going to quit blogging but Mighty Amatay has made a comment so I thought I wont be a quitter fish and get on with it.

Personal Life is a mess at the moment, will not go into details about it now but I can say that my self esteem, moral and attitude to life is on the minus side.

Enough Self pittying, so what have I done as far as the Cards and the bankroll is concerned. Well I have forgotten about all the bankroll management techniques I have promised my self, and went for it. I could’ve quit while I was well ahead but instead I gave most of the £5K I made away and managed to cash out a mere £1K and left my self £200 in the roll.

Since im back to blogging I will ignore the latest adventure and get back on track, as this could’ve gone either way and that is not how I want to grow. And certainly don’t want to go busto. I want regular cashouts and growth in the bankroll.

RESTART with £200 on heads up tables and the occasional MTT’s at crypto.

Amatay thanks for helping me restart the blog.

Gl at the tables.

RoyalFire AKA Callpls AKA 7erdy7