Online Bankroll : £5
(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Story Begins Like This.....

RoyalFire Account was finally rewarded with 480 quid rakeback, which meant that i had a good starting point to my build a bankroll challenge for this month. Well at least in theory.The muppet that i am though, i managed to go through all of it in a relatively short time.

Was i unlucky? NO! i played like a complete umpty at limits no higher than $.5/$1 (heads up)and manage to dump it all on hands thats not even worth mentioning.

Then gave a break for a short period and revived "Callpls" account. Fortunately with a little respect to the game and a little luck behind managed to morph 160 quid into 520 quid.

So the decision is made and Callpls will try to be the hero on this months journey. Will it be a quick one? boring one? or exciting one like last month? only time will tell.

Currently the plan is to play $.5/$1 heads up until i drop down to $500 or build enough for me to take shots at $1/$2 (1800-$2000 should be enough )

Also i will try to keep the bankroll monster under control and try to tilt less. (was also one of the goals from may)

So the roll is now at 520 quid...

Gl at the tables


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Should've left at peak....

Started really good today peaked at +$140 profit, then lost $110 of it leaving me with $30 profit.

Still better than a lost.

i will do a review and targets after i recieve the rakeback till then its casual boring play.

Roll is now at $330

Gl at the tables

Callpls aka Royalfire

Break Even Session

Played for about 40-45 mins heads up ($.25/.50). Ended the session with approx $1 up. :-)

Nothing interesting to report.

Gl at the tables

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Ok Guys after having few days off from poker, decided to hit the blue cyber felt and deposited 50 quid into willhill callpls account.

after few sessions on .25/.50nl Heads up i manage to bank a nice $200. So i call it a day.

I am also due some nice rakeback on Royalfire account. (5th june)

Nice to be back

Current bankroll $300

Gl at the tables

Callpls aka royalfire