Online Bankroll : £5
(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Friday, 28 March 2008

Things Are Going Well......

Ok wasn't expecting to grow this much, this soon, especially playing as low as 0.25/0.5 $ heads up games.

I guess a little concentration, thought, being on the positive side of the roller coaster and juicy few fish, is the combination that a poker player could wish to maintain at all times.

My live bankroll currently is £360, and dead roll (lol is what i call the money i cashed out as agreed with the wife.) is £200 (i have excluded the degenerate £400 i won previously.)

I am also expecting around 120-150 quid from rakeback.

As for the structure i said i would layout, well haven't done it yet so i still dont have a plan, and until i get one i will hover around 0.25/0.50 $ games 90% of it being heads up.

Not in the mood to write anymore now, so good luck at the tables.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Already? You may ask, but the fact that I have made a big mistake on mixing the BEST two ingredients of a disaster recipe have thrown me out of the course already.

Alcohol and Poker.

Yes mix these two and you are in for a hell of a ride. Almost acts as an amplifier to the already inevitable Variance. (whichever side of it you are on)

SO YES Busted The Pacific account.

And blamed the software, graphics and the poor players for my defeat. (COZ im Perfect!!!)

I switched back to Littlewoods again, as I felt comfortable with players and environment but still carrying on with my vodka, gin and Uzo shots. (not at the same time ) I thought I will deposit £25 quid to get me started.

Lost it
Deposit another £25
Lost it
Deposit £50
Lost it
Deposit £100
Lost it
Deposit £100
Lost it
Deposit £100
Lost it

And by this point I had lost my temper, forgot about my targets and commitments and Ran out of my shorts.

I turned into a degenerate and dag myself in to a massive hole. Worst of it is I have lost this amount playing heads up 0.5/$1 !!!!!!!

I wasn’t going to give up either. So I set my self another £100 pounds budget and deposited and bought in for £100 at £2/£5 heads up.

Short stack suddenly turned into £950 and I was relieved.

Cashed out £900, £400 of it being degenerate profit and left my self £50 to carry on with my journey.

I will play heads up 0.25/0.50 $ heads up and hope to have learned from my what started as an unlucky adventure turned into a lucky one an not put my self into that situation again. This doesn’t mean I will not take shots, it just means I will stop if its unsuccessful. And drop down the limits again.

My next post I will set out a structure for what I will try do as its very hard without a plan.

Not a short post after all…….

Friday, 21 March 2008


Pacific account : 50 dollars currently
Littlewoods acc: 70 pounds (on the 3rd of april) from rakeback.

Very short introduction:

Above are my initial starting roll. I am aiming to have enough roll to be a consistent 2/5 or 5/10


This blog will be a true reflective of how i go about beating the challenge i have set for myself.


We just wanna see figures and strategy not bad beat stories ....