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(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Friday, 28 March 2008

Things Are Going Well......

Ok wasn't expecting to grow this much, this soon, especially playing as low as 0.25/0.5 $ heads up games.

I guess a little concentration, thought, being on the positive side of the roller coaster and juicy few fish, is the combination that a poker player could wish to maintain at all times.

My live bankroll currently is £360, and dead roll (lol is what i call the money i cashed out as agreed with the wife.) is £200 (i have excluded the degenerate £400 i won previously.)

I am also expecting around 120-150 quid from rakeback.

As for the structure i said i would layout, well haven't done it yet so i still dont have a plan, and until i get one i will hover around 0.25/0.50 $ games 90% of it being heads up.

Not in the mood to write anymore now, so good luck at the tables.


Amatay said...

quit blogging already fish?

RoyalFire said...

I'm back Mighty Amatay!!!