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Monday, 8 September 2008

Still on the UP!

Slowly but surely. :) Cashed out another 50 quid whilst increasing my roll to £350
i think i have once again got the grips with the level adjustment. I run good, i run bad but having over 10 Buyins at this level gives me the flexibility to play my game. Depending on the succes rate, soon i will start taking shots at slightly higher tables.

I also am fully aware that things can go tits up! i can only do my best and the rest should be my fate :-) My primary aim is to enlarge the bankroll cushion so i can soften the blows that come every now and then.

Roll is at £350

Gl at the tables


1 comment:

Ironmonk said...

Keep up the winning mate seems heads up is your game. There's a $25,000 buy in heads up event on stars soon, you should enter that! lol