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(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Sunday, 11 May 2008

approx +£1100

short session in the morning resulted with me donating $400 (200 of it being my winnings) to lang_59 at $1/2 and a further $500 to him at $2/5. To be honest was running pretty bad it felt like i couldn't shoot an elephant from 30cm...

Midday had another short session at $2/5 and managed to cover my losses from the morning.

Then went out for a bit to enjoy the beautiful day and see a friend. Come back in the evening to have a short session of $2/5 and managed to bank a win of approx £1100...

Callpls account is now at £30 after i cashed out £300 today. I will have to turn it into a small project to try and build it up again.

Royalfire is really on fire and is now at a whopping £5550.

structure? stop/loss limits? stakes? what do they mean????

before greed takes over i have to I HAVE TO sort something out...

Gl at the tables

RoyalFire aka Callpls

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