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(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Monday, 26 May 2008


Hi guys, Thanx alot for following the blog whilst i had this nice journey. I have decided to end it here as i encountered my first losing session for a while. I didn't go busto but took a serious damage. Lost around £6K and decided to cash out the rest.

This adventure has served me well and i have made £11K in such a short peroid of time. So i am very happy. I am also expecting a good rakeback. Not sure if i will continue or cash it out immediately.

I didn't have the patience and made a silly move by playing whilst drunk. And penalised my self by cashing out the remainder.

The bankroll is on £0

Gl at the tables



ZC said...

What an awesome ride! It's been great watching your heater. Glad to see you cashed out in profit. You're probably one of the 1% or so who actually cash out playing this game! How do you feel now it's over. I notice you've been playing and blogging most days - maybe it's just as well you take a break for a few months.
Anyway I'm resurrecting my blog and enjoying heads up cash NLHE - it's definitely one of the best formats in poker.
GL off the tables.... await your return.

Ironmonk said...

Unlucky for losing £6K but very well done for stopping and withdrawing the rest! That is incredibly hard when you are a) drunk and b) on major tilt cos you just lost £6K! You made a very decent amount of money in a short space of time and no doubt you'll be back soon just build again gl.

Rob said...

wow, royal, what can i say, congrats for having the sense to cash out, but to end your poker career like that is a bit hasty, take a few days off, do something else, give ur brain a rest, deposit half your winnings u banked +rakeback and start again maybe at 50c/$1 or even 25/50c to you get ur confidence back - you got talent at the game shame to waste it - learn by ur mistakes and focus on your goals!

Anonymous said...

I did notice you playing at a $25/50 table so you did not heed what you were told by anon a few days ago.
You have been very,very lucky.
And just remember-you can have as many bad sessions in a row as good ones!

Anonymous said...

I guess the inevitable has happened. To bank profit is certainly a bonus. However, considering you have built a decent roll in such a short space of time leads me to believe that you'll be back at the 5/10, 10/20, 25/50 tables soon enough. No one ever leaves for good after a heater and you'll soon deposit a few £k im sure. Just remember when you do if the heater has gone away so will all your winnings. Its a shame as you seemed to be getting a grip on your bankroll management, sadly this blog has turned sour in the end like many others. Unlucky bud.

Pokerseed said...

Sounds like the only reason its all come to an end is because you were out of your depth. You
mentioned in your blog how you need a certain ammount x the buy and you over stepped it. I couldnt image anything worst than going on a bad run in a $10 $20 cash game with a bankroll on 15 grand. However much respect for banking £11,000, good work overall.
I think a break is in order but i do think you should return to the tables. Maybe just start small again and work your way up the levels at a pace that decides itself. Or if you dont feel happy going down the levels again then make a deposit that you need to feel happy on the levels you left off i.e $2 $5. The most important thing is that you are happy and that you dont let the loss get you down. It seemed to me that you were a bit unhappy at the tables sometimes and you mentioned that you didnt feel good going below 10k. So probally a good idea to bank. However i think it is to rash to quit the game all together and even if you deposited 5k back in you have still made 5k odd and have enough roll to play were you want to be. You obvisouly could do with a break so go to somewhere nice like Barbados with the winnings. Let us no what the plans are and how you are feeling and also when your next journey begins. HAPPy DaZe !!!

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog and wonder at a few things-
1.why were you happy to post winning sessions yet once you had a losing session the game is up.
2.I noticed you posted a lot of your winning hands but NOT one losing hand.
3.I think your ego is way too big to be playing a game that depends so very much on very small advantages.

ZC said...

What a miserable post from anonymous above. Anyone who has read this blog knows that Royalfire has always been polite and self critical during the adventures of the last month or so.
Writing a blog might have some element of ego to it, but it also helps to maintain perspective, something that is important when playing poker for lots of money online.
I think taking a break is a sensible ploy - someone with 'ego' would keep chasing wins after a big loss in order to save face.
GG Royalfire - post a postcard from Barbados!

Pud's Poker said...

I think Mr Bluescouse could do with reading this final post!

Congrats on banking £11k, I wish i could get to £1k but hey, I'm a micro donk!

RoyalFire said...

Ty Guys,

I am flattered to read your comments and wished it didn't end like this. But if i hadn't cashed it out there was no way i could've recovered with the state of mind i was in. The monster has once again took over me and partially destroyed my roll.

I had lost sense in value which is my worst enemy.

I think taking a break will do me good until i recieve my rakeback. Then once again i can start from low HU tables and see what i can do this time.

I have no intention to re-invest the money i have cashed out.

No doubt i will be back and probably won't be as shining as my last adventure. But if i can close the next month in plus, i am a happy man!

Gl at the Tables


parttimebonuschaser said...

All linked up mate.

Good luck with the low limit HU!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



ozgen said...

as someone who knows this guy from real life! I know what he gone through...

He has been to these stages before,he lost 7k in one pot,5k in another...

Even he was quite close to lose many other things in his life...

But he managed to get ahead of it...

I am very proud of you mate...

And maybe i am the most happy guy on this world to read this blog of yours...

Just keep it this way!

Ukgatsby said...

Wp and gl

Anonymous said...

Thats the thing about about a 20k hand heater- by the end of it you're sure its a pretty good indicator of your true winrate.

Honestly, I thought I was a 12 ptBB/100 winner for a couple of months at 6 max, lol. 100k hands later its more like 7. Playing HU only accentuates these kinds of swings and quitting after a big losing session is weak sauce imo you can expect fairly regular double digit buy in downswings as standard in hu play, frankly you're probably due one! If you manage your bankroll correctly i.e 1/2 nl hu w/11K run they are not a problem and you will make $$$$ in the long run.

What is your goal here: to become a long term winner, or catch the occasional heater and cash out as much as possible?

Achieve the first and you have significant regular income for life, stick with the second and you're only re-inforcing compulsive gambling behaviour, just look at that numpty bluescouse.