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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

HIGH FIIIIVVVEEEEE to £1748 win!!!!!!!

Well very good day not just in terms of poker, but also there has been some great news concerning my personal life.

Unfortunately though CALLPLS is heavily injured after going upto 150 quid then droping to 0!!!! he wont be waking up for a while.

As the last man standing, ROYALFIRE has gone past the low stakes stages and hopefully won't look back unless something drastic happens. RF has managed to bank a win of 1748 quid.

The roll now stands at 7581 QUID!!!

i did take a shot at 10/20 without great success almost broke even (maybe a little win too.)

Then dropped down to where i feel comfortable $1/2 and if i run well $2/5. Had a heads up match with Lang_59 at $2/5 and skillfully stacked him 4.2 times (although he claims i was extremely lucky again!). But he returned to the table 5 minutes later and managed to win $900 back.

Overall i think its a great progress..

Gl at the tables



Amatay said...

Wicked result m8. Lend us some $$$, im shit :-(

Ironmonk said...

Nice one, steer clear from $10/$20 though it will only lead to busto!

RoyalFire said...

Amatay ty. anytime mate.. let us know when ur broke lol.

By the way what is this crap about suspended blog!!! get going Fish!

Iron i think i totally agree with you i will not be playing 10/20 until i get sufficient roll for it!! don't even know if that will happen. Cash out plans in the near future.

James said...

LOL its worth reading the blog just to see the funny picures, well played mate !

P.S Im glad you have buggered off from the $.25-50 and $.5-1 so I can dominate it again ;-)

RoyalFire said...

Hehehe cheers james. Glad u like it.

By the way what is ur screen name at crypto have we ever played each other?

Gl in your quest mate