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(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Wednesday, 14 May 2008

OK i think i have cashed out a nice sum of £2500 just in time. Reason i say its just in time is because i have been deluded by the large sums of profit i made in the last few days.
My sense of value has been deteriorated and consequently it has effected my game selection in a negative way. I started to jump into bigger games. 10/20 25/50 and the temptation was getting irresistible. Although my style i believe was actually where i wanted it to be i was bound to be swept by the variance as i am/was under rolled for those levels.

Luckily i have escaped through those limits without any damage and have managed to make a smallish profit of 100 quid.

This is a tough challenge and i recognize that lack of concentration or too much confidence can lead to the famous BUSTO!!! which i don't want ...

Other flattering news is that i have been refused heads up games by some of the players i used to idolize when i was playing smaller stakes. They claimed i was too good after playing 10 hands. LOOOLLLLLL

Sensible decision i guess.

Roll is now at £5113.96.

Gl at the Tables


PS: due to the nature of the heads up games i play, i feel its unnecessary to post hands. But if anyone is interested i can do so.


Anonymous said...

Good plan mate.

What times of day are u usually playing ?

My screen name at Crypto is IBangU, not sure if we've ever played...certainly not much if indeed ever ?

RoyalFire said...

lol now i know you!!! there is a reason we have not played on regular basis...

I tend to avoid players that gimme hard time lol.

Also i usually see u on pot limit which is a game i dislike.

gl in ur quest m8!!

RoyalFire said...

oh and i usually play after work so that can be anything between 4pm and 6pm...

weekends i could be there at random times

goose said...

Hi mate, been reading your blog for a while, seems like you're an exciting player who could go on to be very successful as long as you ensure that you don't go mental with that roll, surely $2/$5 should suffice until you hit $25/30k roll right? Saw you sitting at £10/£20 with Gulkines last night, that is mental!!! You might as well throw your money down a drain lol! Although with your agg. style it'll be a quick and exciting match.

On the issue of hand histories I like that you don't put many up. Maybe just put a few of the more interesting ones so that readers can discuss. If your style is as aggressive I believe it to be you will probably run into some interesting situations over and over.

Good blog mate, keep up the good work;


ps: fancy linking my blog up:

obv. i'll return the favour.

RoyalFire said...

Hi Goose,

Im flattered by your positive comments and i agree with you 100 percent on the non value game i had against Gulkines.

Didn't mention that specifically on my blog because i don't want that sort of action to become a regular. However if u have watched the entire game then you must've seen that i have chickened out in the end and done the sensible thing. I also declared that "i was scared playing him!"
and that is true. He plays the level like i would play $.25/.50
He is one of few players i cant put a hand on. Hence very dangerous.

However i feel delighted that on that particular game i was up around £1400. :-) "i played the best AND I WON!!! " lol quote out of rounders.

Your blog is now added to my list.

Gl at the tables.

PS: until i build to a certain level again i'll only be appearing on $1/2 and $2/5

Shot taking will be part of my game only when i reach a certain level.