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Thursday, 15 May 2008

£2445 is the name of the WIN!!!!!!!!

Got back from work, saw the most important person in my life, had some great time then had to head back home. Fired up littlewoods poker and started to look for games. I sat at $1/2 reluctantly waiting for an opponent and a player called "Kilimaha" sits. This is interesting because i used to play him at $.25/$.50 heads up. And for some reason or another he has tagged me as a total fish. For him to move up his stakes to play me its weird. After insulting me and calling me names (lol bless him) i stack him within few minutes. Then everything went pear shaped. I had to pay his quads and fullhouse and he manages to win a mere 100 dollars of me then sits out like a little kid. Claiming how good he is and that im a total fish.

After he left i sit at 2 more $1/2 and 1 $2/5 heads up tables only to wait there on my own. So got bored and decided that rather than multi tabling i would sit at one $5/10 heads up and give it my full attention.

This is where things got interesting. Player called Bluecheek was sat withh $1000 dollars so i join him. Bless him after few minutes of domination and over aggression by which time i already was up apprx 1000 dollars without showdown mustve pissed him of and this hand happens.

Game #7109168664: Hold'em NL ($5/$10) - 2008/05/15 -
Table "Papadopoulos" Seat 2 is the button.
Seat 1: bluecheek ($1099 in chips)
Seat 2: royalfire ($2183 in chips)
royalfire: posts small blind $5
bluecheek: posts big blind $10
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to royalfire [7d 8d]
royalfire: raises to $30
bluecheek: raises to $110
royalfire: calls $80
----- FLOP ----- [7h 5c 8s]
bluecheek: checks
royalfire: bets $222
bluecheek: raises to $989 and is all-in
royalfire: calls $767
----- TURN ----- [7h 5c 8s][Js]
----- RIVER ----- [7h 5c 8s Js][Th]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
bluecheek: shows [Qh 9h] (A Straight, Queen high)
royalfire: shows [7d 8d] (Two Pairs, Eights and Sevens, Jack high)
bluecheek collected $2197 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot $2198 Main pot $2197 Rake $1
Board [7h 5c 8s Js Th]
Seat 1: bluecheek (big blind) showed [Qh 9h] and won ($2197) with A Straight, Queen high
Seat 2: royalfire (small blind) showed [7d 8d] and lost with Two Pairs, Eights and Sevens, Jack high

At this stage i knew i was in for a lot of value and was happy to see i get action this easily. :-)

As it turns out though he is a very nice guy and we had nice chat while playing.

to cut the long story short 3.5 hours of play turns in my favour and i manage to stack him several times to reach my peak of $7000. Ended the session at $6300 dollars.

This brings me back to where i was yesterday before cash out and the roll now stands at 7551 quid.

Happy days

Gl at the tables.


PS: i don't like posting hands but i thought this was necessary to show the importance of why i insisted on playing the game.


Ironmonk said...

Very nice indeed. I assumed Bluecheek was a bit or a shark cos I seem him there all the time in the biggish heads up stakes sitting in a few rooms at once, ah well what do I know?

goose said...

haha, yeah bluecheek is really crap. apart from the fact that he sits and openly dominates the crypto HU scene day in day out. i mean this as friendly advice, believe me, keep playing bluecheek HU and that roll with be at £0 very very quickly. Trust.

RoyalFire said...

Guys Guys!!

Please at no point my intention was to label "Bluecheek" as CRAP!!!.

Although i said i saw a value in him, which was true could be related to many external factors, ie. him playing too many tables and not concentrating on mine, or him being on a massive downswing to be destacked by a mere fish like me

Nevertheless on more than one occasion when we have confronted i was ahead most of the time.

I have also had two suckouts against him towards the end.

I will never permanently label a player if i have only had one game against them.

However i do feel heads up play is my main gain and 90% of my instant roll has been built by it.

Maybe im on a hype, maybe im deluded or too confident the true reflection will be visible after a while.

Thanx for making this blog more interactive guys.

gl to you both


Anonymous said...

thought i would let u know the guy you played tonight on 2/5 corrosive, aka goose from comment above was a bit snide about you. When you left the table to play bluecheek at 5/10 he sat at bluecheeks other table and gave him some info about you.

"Corrosive: overbets his marginal hands, never thin value bets, and spews off to 4bets
Corrosive: gl
bluecheek: ty"

Anonymous said...

Post more hands please, Thanks.

goose said...

Lol @ anonymous. Im afraid to say i'm not corrosive, I wish I was as sick as that dude. Perhaps royal has an edge on him too?

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant your other blogging m8 godders ;). I like your blog btw, keep it up (aimed at both of you).