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Saturday, 17 May 2008

310 Quid is GOOD!!!!

Man, i need to stop playing for the sake of it. I need to focus! I need to concentrate!And I need to maintain my A game at all times whatever stakes im playing.

Leaked like Full on Tap today, donated few buy-ins at $1/2 and $2/5 mainly to corrosive, forunately for him and unfortunately for me he had made some awesome calls on me but it must have been visible that my game was not creative enough. My betting structure was crap and i was trying to buy every pot.

Then i sit at $5/10 again with bluecheek at 2 simultaneous tables -before i start i would like to make it clear that i think Bluecheek is a very good disciplined player who happens to be on a bad run.-

We must've played for about 4.5-5 hrs and manage to cover my losses for the day and even make a nice tidy profit of 310 quid.

The game started with me being extremely stupidly aggresive which resulted with few good calls by "BC" and that was enough to keep me honest for a while then things turned round and i was up. The chips were swinging from one to the other at high frequency for a long time before i hit my rush and stack him for a few times.

To be honest the match could've been either way had he hit the rush instead of me.

Too tired to post hands as we went through 100s of them. There were a few interesting ones but seriously i feel too drained to look for them.

The roll stands at 7861 quid.

Gl at the tables.


PS: that anonymous tip has actually got me thinking about my game and was the trigger for me to re-focus during the game. So whoever it was THANK YOU!

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