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Friday, 2 May 2008


Heads up games have been going really well, When fully concentrated I find myself right inside my opponents head and it feels as if I can predict their moves and make correct decisions accordingly. I aim to tilt them and the rest becomes easy, they start to lay me huge odds, make incorrect bets when they have the goods and etc etc.

To top it all I love it when the session ends with “You Lucky Fish!!!”

Managed to make $400 last night on $.25/.50 and also managed to make win my buyins for the £7K gtd and £1500 gtd MTT’s. Unfortunately I was card dead at the bigger tourney and not got two cards that I could play for about 1.5 hours when I finally pushed with AQ only to be beaten by 88.

But the other MTT was great and managed to finish second for a nice £300, although I believe I was lucked out on the final hand JJ vs 44. AIPF. (4 on flop has cost me my first prize :-) Nevertheless It feels good to stand out from 148 runners.

After that I played for a few more minutes on heads up tables and closed the nights session on £733. Not bad result after ive been working on engineering projects at the office all day.

I also got rakeback on my 7erdy7 account for a mere £77 which gives me a chance to build that up too.

I have plans to withdraw around £500-£600 and start again. This will be my approach for now until I build myself a plan. Otherwise the temptation to move up higher will eventually become irresistible and like I have mentioned before I want steady growth not rapid Bust!

I am also doing a lot of reading on Game theory and poker and trying to absorb the concept and apply it to my game. I think it will give me huge edge against most of my opponents if I can master this science side of the game.

Another aspect I want to improve is to try and become a very nice player at the tables since I find my self retaliating too often to abuse and it starts to semi tilt me. I might even consider turning my chat off.

Gl at the tables.

RoyalFire aka Callpls aka 7erdy7

Note : RoyalFire account has been blocked. when phoned they said i have been selected randomly for security check and need to send them my details!!! If i didn't have to wait for my 150+ rakeback i would cancel my account with them WHAT A NUISANCE and a load of old RUBBISH!!!!

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