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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Climbing up Fast

Got back from work yesterday turned on the PC, fired up william hill (callpls account) MTT tab and registered for the 1000 euro guaranteed prize pool tourney. I was doing good in fact i was in top 4 all the way to the bubble when 12 runners were left. Top 10 places were going to be in the money and i was sure i would make it there. What the heck even if i didnt play a hand and just sat out i would still make it.

As good as it sounds, poker gods must've seen my arrogant attitude and probably decided to punish me!

Got dealt KK on the button when the chip leader decides to raise 5*BB !!! Why so high? is he holding a lower PP? QQ? jj? or maybe even AK ? i crossed out the probability of AA as i couldn't see my self actually folding the hand, so i decide to push hoping to deny his odds of catching anything. And to my Amuse i get the INSTA CALL and yes POCKET ROCKETS were there smiling at me.... And that was me out of that tourney in 12th place.... Not a pleasant start to a session..

Then closed william hill and fired up interpoker for 7erdy7 account with the rake back i mentioned yesterday. Started my usual heads up sessions and made enough to cover my buyin previously on will hill and another buyin for me to enter the 7K gtd.
was out of that tourney chasing a flush with my above average stack :-) no need to go into details as my pot odds were not there but i still fancied the gamble to test the poker gods.

This is the point where everything started to go uphill (poker gods must have finished their shift) and i was being blessed with clueless weekend fish to increase my bankroll. I mean i didnt need the cards to beat these guys and they eventually gave up to their fate and surrendered their chips taking my 7erdy7 account up to 480 pounds.

Brilliant progress as that account was only at 77 pounds yesterday

So current Bankroll is sailing at 480+715= 1195 pounds. (also 150 quid rakeback on royalfire account but need to send documents to activate my account)

Tonight i will probably do a similar session; couple of MTT's and heads up matches. I just hope the frenzy is not over and i still get blessed with few clueless but dedicaTED opponents. :-)

Gl at the tables

callpls aka royalfire aka 7erdy7

EDIT: Just had an insane moment when i didn't need to.... lost 100 dollars on stupid play and i mean very stupid play to a weak player which has tilted me over the edge and did what i said i wouldn't do!!! Sat at $1/2 heads up with a shark called Dejnyrich but unfortunate for him i was more aggressive and also fortunate and the short session (around 30 mins) ended with him being stacked twice. This has increased my 7erdy7 bankroll to 650 pounds. I guess i have a long night ahead. Not proud but happy !!!!


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