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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Wake UP Call!!!

I thought the last few days were too good to be true, the rapid growth in the bankroll has effected my judgement on reality and needed an external shock to wake up from dreamland. Fortunately though the damage was not so bad to the confidence as such. It is a light warning but if i don't take actions, consequenses may be very heavy for me to handle in terms of managing a bankroll.

We went to a casino in Reading to enter the 20+3 MTT buyin rebuy tourney to have a laugh and also experience the live game. There was 3 of us but we had arrived about 3 hours too soon...

So what do you do in a casino to pass the time?? Well I don't know about you but for me it was, Hit the Bar get the drinks and sit at the blackjack table. Bought around 60 pounds worth of chips to start with and believe it or not didnt't last me 10 minutes!!!! The dealer was pulling cards to beat my 19-20 from left right and center.

Have you ever played Blackjack online and had a strong feeling of the whole thing being rigged??? Well rest assured The real thing was no different!!!

MTT though was a totally different story and was a good experience. Thinking about it now i must've worked real hard not to cash in.. As i was a massive chip leader almost throughout the whole tourney.

Arrogant attitude of mine though again got me in trouble and i couldn't get couple of opponents of bottom pair on dangerous boards..... Got out 11th when the top 7 was being paid.

Last night has cost me 290 pounds in total. (including drinks, BJ, poker and food.)

I will take these expenses of my online poker roll and today hopefully try to win some of it back.

Gl at the tables

royalfire aka callpls aka 7erdy7

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