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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Slippery Slope1

This is a tough journey, and what im about to blog now in no way or form makes this adventure any easier. in fact if anything it actually jeopardises the whole challenge of building up a substantial bankroll if i don't do anything about it!

This game is about making as many correct decisions as you can for as long as you play it! It doesn't end there though does it?!? No matter how good you make your decisions, how well u play your hands there are periods where variance will pick on you and make you feel vulnerable to any two cards. AA seems to be meaningless, KK becomes a scary card coz u know that Ace will pop on the board, u will hit ur flush only to be up against runner runner Boat etc...

Enough has been said about these concepts before so i am not planning to go into detail. But!, to easily and stress freely ride these periods out of your way We need to define the limits we play according to our bankroll size!!!

What is my limits? where do i consider my main game? How often Should i take shots? What should i do When i fail at taking shots? Do i have a Stop Loss limit??

Coz the way im playing now, answers none of those questions thus leaving me to hover in the poker lobby and dive into any game my mood feels like for that particular moment.

On Thursday evening after writing the blog for wednesday i decide to play 1/2 $ HU and get stacked on a marginal hand.

i leave the game for about 10-15 minutes only to return to a 2/5 $ table and drive 7erdy7 account to a BUST !! Then i log in to Royalfire account to drop it down from 961 to 250 quid. At this point i almost knew what was going to happen so i left royalfire and logged into callpls with 85 quid and sat at $2/5 HU with the apprx 170 dollars against a full 500 stack.

I ran pretty good and managed to go upto 2000 dollars. i also did similar move on royalfire again and managed to take my combined roll up to 1800 quid.

The Final result is very good but in terms of risk reward this was a bad play and if nothing is done about it then im afraid i will soon have to write a final busto blog.

So here it goes ... I will probably cash out some more from the bankroll, My limits for now are defined as $.50/1 with the occasional 1-2 buyin shot at $1/2 heads up games.

If i drop 10 buyins then i move back to .25/.50.

And thats what i did last night and it was a good session so new bankroll stands at

aprx. 2070 quid on two accounts....

I hope to perform the same today.

Am i capable of sticking to these rules??? We will have to wait and see.....

Gl at the tables

Royalfire aka Callpls


James said...

Hey man

Nice post as always. I find when I am struggling with my discipline (which happens a fair bit and I think most players would say the same if they are truly honest) one thing that helps me is to play some Heads Up sit and go's in the tourney lobby. That way your possible win / loss is immediately defined without having reload reload reload and this allows me to start refocussing on just making good decisions. Then when I feel I am able to do that I move back to the cash tables.

RoyalFire said...

Cheers buddy ... I used to do the same but for some reason i have gone off HU sNG's ..

But i will give it a try to see if it actually helps...

Cash tables are where the dollars are though. If u read my next article u will see the swings im having. .
I wanna be a regular at these stakes. I just need the LUCK FACTOR to be on my side so i can build quickly.

Then again I am becoming greedy and we all know the fate of greedy people.