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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Still Running Hot!!!

Well, those of you expecting a stop to the good run i am on, will have to wait a little longer. :-) I have been playing straightforward ABC poker at levels between $.25/.50 - $2/5 and managed to increase the roll by £1247.
I don't know if i am extremely lucky or opposition is having trouble to adjust to my game. Not that i'm complaining...

Few interesting hands where i lost a nice $1K pot vs lang56 when i had AAA vs his flush draw on flop.

But luck evened out and i manage to suck out on bluecheek for around $1K AKh vs KK. :-)
I think i won around 3 buyins from him and about 1 buyin from Lang56 the rest was from random smaller games.

I hope i can maintain this streak for a little longer...

I would be interested to know what your longest winning streak is? please leave your comments and experiences as i do not want to be deluded by this success.

Roll is now at £13,749

Gl at the tables



Anonymous said...

enjoying the blog mate keep up the good work


joxum (Denmark) said...

About two and a half hour.


Pokerseed said...

All i can say is i think your luck will run out when you meet up with the likes of Pokerseed. ( watch out he is deadly)

joxum (Denmark) said...

pokerseed doesn't even have a blog, so there...