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Thursday, 22 May 2008

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

"Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it looks like you will go bust soon, just seen you hitting the 25/50 tables, you managed to win a nice 10k pot on one table but i thought you were getting a bit beat up on the other one.

YOU CANNOT WIN EVERYDAY FOR A SUSTAINED PERIOD, SOME DAYS YOU WILL LOSE!! If you run to 25/50 for a quick fix everytime u had a bad session i guarentee you will go bust."

This comment sounds very similar to the ones at Bluescouses blog and it reminds me of what i used to think of him....

What is going on? Are the demons trying to get in control?or have they already got me under control.

The anonymous tip has frightened me a lot because i dont think i realise what sort of roll i am dealing with.!!!

It was only about a month ago i was playing at $.25/,50 HU tables and now im on tables with 4 digits. (in this particular case 5 digits)

Ok i am taking this as a major warning and a wake up call!!! My expectancies have already been reached and anything more from now on is plus.

1/2 and 2/5 is my limit and 5/10 is my shot limit.
I don't expect to win everyday and will not force it!!!
I will keep tilt under control!

and will not play when i don't feel like it!!!

easy to say and write but really is a tough job! Nevertheless who says poker is easy!

It's not just about odds and domination and long run !!! its about keeping the monster inside locked. Thats when the rest becomes easy!!!

Back to what ive done yesterday....

Came from work had my dinner and played around 1 hr of poker resulting in 600 quid win.

Then watched the champions league final game and came back to lose around 3-4 buyins to bluecheek at $2/5. Got off not being too upset to look for new oppo's. There weren't any so i waited a while and got bored. Thats when i decided to take shot at $25/50. Im not proud of it but its done now. I will not talk about it either. But i was lucky and managed to come on top.

The roll now stands at 12.078 pounds

gl at the tables


PS: anonymous thanx for the warning!!!!


Rob said...

Royal, whatever game you play is basically your choice, and how you see your financial and poker position,if the money means nothing to you, and ur happy in ur day job its fine to play spin up stakes, if your bankroll is a unreal amount of money for urself, and you see poker as a career be it full or part time, then you have to adhere to bankroll management. Basically decide if you would be in deep shit financially to lose ur roll or you want to use it to earn some extra money.........only you can decide! Heres the but! But if i was in your shoes (i dont know your financial position etc) i would use your poker skills to finance the nice things in life be it full time player or part time, you obviously have skills so use them wisely. You remind me of myself 3-4 years ago, earning decent amounts while continuing to work (and the poker wage far outweighed ur job salary) my msn is if you ever want to chat stuff through!

Ironmonk said...

Be careful! It would be VERY easy to lose that 12K in one session.... very. But good luck!

RoyalFire said...

Cheers Guys,

I dunno what i plan to do. Obviously the amount of money i am sitting on means alot to me. Although i would prefer to have regular cashout than one big lump sum.

That automatically invalidates the option for thrill seeking spinups at Crippling Stakes.

Funny though i do feel comfortable at these levels and who knows maybe i will be able to play there after a while, with a healthier roll.

Iron I hear you m8 and to be honest it would be very sad to lose this bankroll. I can't imagine starting from low levels again, although it has been a fairly quick ride so far.

Gl at the tables.

My MSN is

feel free to add me...

Ps i have already added you Rob.

goose said...

Hi mate, the most worrying aspect of your last comment was 'i feel comfortable at those stakes/levels'. With only £12k as the bankroll you can never be comfortable at those stakes. Im not saying that you're not a good enough player to win at those levels but the restrictions on your roll will prove too great. Say you've lost a buy in and then one of the regs but you in pre flop (you holdings 10s/AQ) for a $10k pot, can you make that call, knowing if you lose it's close to half your roll gone? Its these decisions that you have to think about. If you are taking shots above the $5/$10 level why not try $10/$20,even if you lose 2 buys in there you're still above that £10k mark. Like Rob said it's your money and obviously only you know how important it is. I,like many,acquired a big roll ($29kish) about a year back and destroyed much of it playing 20/40 and 50/100 (even the occasional shot at 100/200!!), would hate to see the same thing happen to a fellow blogger.

RoyalFire said...

I hear you goose!

You are right i guess the difference between a good player and an average one is to be able to resist these temptation. Reading my comment again it does make me laugh too.

How could i possibly be comfortable at a war without weapons..?!?!

the 10K pot i won yesterday involved me flopping the nutstraight!! whilst the other guy had 2 pair.

What would i do if a miracle card gave him a fullhouse on river??
would i be able to stop there?

I think i would either be blogging about a major spin up or a BUSTO blog here today!!!

something needs to be done! and very quick!!!

I now have $23.600 this roll is more than comfortable at 2/5 and ok for 5/10 (i guess)

I'm a donkey if i can't appreciate this.

Gl at the tables