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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What am I Playing at???? To anyone who was watching some of the games I had yesterday it must’ve been visible that my emotional state had got the better of me. First pot I got involved was a success and downhill from then on. Cracked AA,KK,QQ you name it …. Eventually lead to a CRACKED ~ROYALFIRE!!!! Making mistake after mistake.

Was down around $2-3 K that’s when I realised I was semi tilting and the worse part is I couldn’t do anything to stop me going in that direction. Not gonna go into details but managed to end the session being apprx £400 UP!!!

It wasn’t just the hands got me tilted it was also the psychological state I was in. I didn’t want to drop from my new £10.000 mark, and it was almost like playing with Scared money.

Ok guys, now I did want this blog to be a bit more interactive, thanx to those who already take part, but those of you who follow silently, would you be kind enough to share your views on how to manage Tilt. I’m sure there are great solutions to this common problem.
While some will work for some and not others.

It’ll be interesting to hear your side.

Roll is now at £10,434

Gl at the tables



goose said...

Wp mate, if you're having a shitty session then to end up £400 ain't the worst. Tilt is a tricky one, however a good starting point is to away if having something like AA/KK cracked is affecting you're game drastically. I am similar to you in that I get in a mindset where my roll is comfortable and I don't want it to drop below a certain point. Best thing is to separate yourself from the table for 30mins or so and come back knowing your roll is comfortable and play your A game. Obviously if your hands are getting cracked but you feel you have an edge then just chill out and know that if you continue playing you'll eventually get the better of your opponent.

Ironmonk said...

The only way I manage it is to keep playing until all my money is gone, can't tilt any more after that!

RoyalFire said...

Cheers guys,

Although Iron i somehow don't think its a profitable solution but its defo a way to feed the beast inside ....

RoyalFire said...

LOL guys I actually feel like Bruce Banner. Very calm logical person once gets angry turns in to a reckless monster.

Only difference is urn RED he turns Green!!!

gl at the tables

Godders said...

Alright mate, Goose pointed me towards your blog and I've had a read the last couple of days and it's a pretty interesting stuff. I don't know why but there seems to be(or feels like it anyway) a bit of tension between us, which I was totally unaware of until reading this blog! Anyway, no ill-feeling no my part, and I've actually enjoyed the times we've played together.

Looks like you're building your roll nicely so keep up the good work. In terms of tilt, there literally is nothing you can do to stop it from happening, everybody tilts from time to time, its human nature. It's just a matter of limiting the amount of time your playing whilst this is going on. Give yourself a stop loss, so if you lose 3 buyins then quit and take 30mins to relax. Or if you feel your not playing your best, leave the table and come back later. Alot of players struggle with the 'recovering losses' mentality, conquer that and you'll make shitloads ;-).


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it looks like you will go bust soon, just seen you hitting the 25/50 tables, you managed to win a nice 10k pot on one table but i thought you were getting a bit beat up on the other one.

YOU CANNOT WIN EVERYDAY FOR A SUSTAINED PERIOD, SOME DAYS YOU WILL LOSE!! If you run to 25/50 for a quick fix everytime u had a bad session i guarentee you will go bust.