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Monday, 19 May 2008

5 digits in £'s

Beginning of the session roll dipped down a few £100s, due to lack of cards and quite a loose style. then refocus and having the luck wind behind, manage to get in front around £650 at $2/5 and $5/10 simultaneous HU tables.

To close the session i sat at £.25/.50 and £.5/1 tables to make the rest of the profit which increased my roll to £10,021.

Now i have the perfect roll i need to start laying a cashout plan on regular basis. Otherwise i might be tempted by the devil to take shots at levels i couldn't afford.

todays profit is £813.

gl at the tables



Amatay said...

Making some gd money fish, n1. I wish i could could play poker

ZC said...

Congrats on the great roll you've made. I've decided to move to heads up cash NLHE and am glad I made the move - it's THE game to play IMO. Of course my roll stands at about £75 at the momment so won't be joining you soon.

So does your partner / wife have cash out demands? Mine used to want 50% of my winnings when I first started. That went down the pan when I blew my $1K roll is a day - I've been a cash machine ever since.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Nice one on the continued success. Originally I joked that playing bluecheek was a mistake, however you DO seem to have an edge on him. He's becoming a bit of a cash cow for you because he seemingly doesnt have a clue on how to manage your game. Only problem is, as he is a good player, he will figure your style eventually and then the edge will probably swing back to him and thats when you should pull out as it'll become impossible to extract value.

Regular cash outs sounds an intellident play. On our blog godders has a similar roll to you (£11.7kish) and he has started slow just ensuring he withdraws £250 every saturday. Seems to work for him.

Wp mate,

RoyalFire said...

Cheers Amatay, You know as well as i do that u will be back to your winning days. Im just on a good run the big test will come when the negative swing hits me. Do i have what it takes to sustain my roll at bad times? £10K question that is!!!! lol.

ZC nice to know ur back. When i had no response from you i thought u gave up on the blogging thing, so i got rid of ur link let me know if u have plans to bring it alive and ill add you again.

As far as pressure from spouse, there is none as she doesn't know the dark side of royalfire. She thinks im still hanging in the low stakes. But will have to explain something when i start making regular cashouts. GL on your quest.

Goose once again thanx for your comments. I guess u watched the game last night as i purposely didn't give any details on the blog.

I am fully aware that my game is being studied by regular opponents, i can sense this in their game and trust me im doing everything i can to keep a step up.

But the moment i feel im owned in the game i will try to quit and revise my tactics, and return with vengence.

I understand your other blogger mate is "Corrosive". In the nicest possible way i would like to have a game with him again.

I agree that he has a great edge over me but how else can i improve if i don't play people better than me. :-)

As for cashouts i think its a good idea to be able to put 250-500/week aside.

Gl at the tables


joxum (Denmark) said...

Well done, sir!


Ukgatsby said...

solid work so far
wp and gl

RoyalFire said...

Ty "j" and Gatsby!