Online Bankroll : £5
(PROFIT 2008: £8000)


Sunday, 18 May 2008

Ended today with 100 quid profit increasing my bankroll to £9208. I have been running fairly dry, and had few hands cracked. But as i was playing .50/1 1/2 and 2/5 HU games, it meant that i was cushioned for it and no harm was done.

short post but nothing interesting happened. (was rather boring)

I guess grinding is tough.... Lets see if i have what it takes...

Gl at the tables



Anonymous said...

Always about looking at the positive sides to the grind :) take those hits at $10/$20 and you could have had a £2k down day rather than £100 up day :D.

All about the bigger picture mate.

RoyalFire said...

Truth hurts!!!

lol i know 100 quid seems low compare to other winnings, i have to appreciate it is still more than what i earn at my full time job/day.

as long as i dont have a big dent in my roll i have to learn to be happy with what i have.

Gl m8

Rob said...

Nice running Royal, even the break even days are beneficial just for the bonus whoring and rakeback, just dont let variance crush your roll, one bad run at silly stakes and your roll will be struggling!

RoyalFire said...

Cheers Rob,

I'll do my best to keep the roll in good shape. :-)