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Saturday, 19 July 2008


Considering how loyal my readers have been i think i owe an explanation of what i have been doing all this time...

As far as poker goes i have not spent nowhere near as much as i was spending time wise. ?I had the odd casual game but nothing special apart from switching 300 dollars into 2000 at fulltilt in one short session.

After the big bankroll build i had lost sense in value and it took time for me to readjust to smaller stakes. I think i am back to playing my A game at .25/.50 HU so i will update you guys more often.

Also last week i managed to switch 200 dollars into 900 but didn't think i was gonna commit myself to building again so i cashed it all out.

Sure there have also been times where i lost a few sessions costing me around £1K straight after my big cashout.

Currently i deposited 40 quid into Royalfire and i am now at 88 pounds. I will give regular updates but not sure how long it will take to build into 4 digit even 5 digit roll. Not in a rush either.

But thank you again for coming back to the blog to check it out.

Roll is now at £88 quid :-)

gl at the tables



Ironmonk said...

Good to see you back

ZC said...

Good to see you are back.
Myself I've donked off about $1.5K in heads up cash games on full tilt. The jump from 0.25/0.5 to 0.5/1 was a real killer for me. Hope you get on a roll!

parttimebonuschaser said...

good luck mate. I'm sure you'll be up there again soon

Rob said...

good to see u back - link my blog up and remove my old blog, please mate, sickpoker got delted in a fit of anger!!!

Ironmonk said...

hey mate, I changed my URL reckon you could update your link? Thanks

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

ur a noob, 'callpls' right? i pwned u at the HU tarbs the other day.

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