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Thursday, 4 September 2008


Okay haven’t really kept my word about keeping regular updates. This is mainly because I’ve been dossing around at $0.25 0.50 HU building a nice stack and taking a shot at higher tables with 1 or 2 buy-ins, effectively playing with scared money. Short boom-Bust cycles. For some reason I don’t register $100-$200 wins as success and treat it with disrespect only to lead to the inevitable bust scenario. Things need to change and I have to have a bit more structure to my approach. I need to realise the value of these cyber chips and have bit more respect for it.

In order for me to to realise this I have decided to cash out between £20-£50 per day and also keep building the bankroll. I have been succesfull before so why not again ?  But playing higher is not the answer, not until at least I hit minimum 6 buy-ins of the level I want to take a shot at and be prepared to sacrifice 2 buy-ins at it. Then whether succesfull or not drop down to original stakes until (if succesfull) it sinks in. This however brings the problem of tilt monster. It has been quite for a while but I know it is there waiting to be released. I need to lock it away and lose the key forever…..thats if I want to have any decent success at this game over long period.

So I have cashed out £50 yesterdayand have a remaing roll of £140. 0.25 0.50 HU is where I can be seen for the time being. If any of you guys see me higher it means I am running well and have minimum of 6 buy-ins for that level im at.

Lastly thanx to the regular guys who have been commenting regardless of my lack of updates.
For those provocative anonymous ones though, well I can only laugh at your primitive intelligence. If owning me in a Hu game as claimed ( which I doubt very much, otherwise you would’ve left your name …) is such a highlight of your life then I take it as a compliment and strongly advise you to get a life and drop your ego.

Okay this time I really am back and wish you all good luck (unless u are playing against me)

Roll is at £140
Gl at the Tables


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