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Sunday, 28 December 2008


hi guys,
No more scheduled commitemnets as i seem to not be able to keep up the promises of having to do regular updates on this blog.

However no blog means no control over my game, so i have to keep the blog hence getting rid of it is not an option.

Since my last post, things had been on a weird roller coaster ride . I think i became the junior version of Bluescouse, where spinning up from small 2 or 3 digit figures to 4 digits and then losing the lot became a norm coz i lack the sense of value whilst things are going good.

It Can't carry on like this! need to put a stop! fullstop

So back again to Abc POKER BANKROLL building challenge.

the royalfire style ... (surely that can't be good)

Gl at the tables

Updates to follow soon ..............


goose said...

You need to plug a lot of fundamental errors in your game, the biggest factor being controlling tilt, other than that you play ok :)

pokershow said...

just found your blog.I have similar habits to you.I deposit £20-50 now an again.Most of the time i build it up,before tilt and bad bankroll mnagement take me to busto.
Anyway I hope to change things for the new year.We can hopefully learn and motivate each other.